Villa Adriana VRML-Project
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After a building in the Villa of Hadrian is this reconstruction of the "Hall with the Doric Pillars".
HP to the so called "Isle Villa" in the age seat of the Roman emperor Hadrian,

Actual VRML-Browsers:

First version of a reconstruction of the so called Garden Stadium in Hadrians Villa, free after Adolf Hoffmann, Das Gartenstadion in der Villa Hadriana, Mainz 1980
New: Even discovered main temple of the god Antinous and probable also the tomb of the lover of the emperor Hadrian, the Aninoeion

Important Hints:
1. The best System without problems is in moment (June 2005) Cortona.
2. If after loading the file text appears instead the VRML-world, go back, load again and it works

3. If you have other problems, please send me a mail at

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