You can find some answers to FAQ-topics about RWX-objects at this page.

Yes, I am a passionate object maker. I have to date made approx. one thousand objects, and it would be a little tiresome and perhaps not very interesting to show perhaps a hundred of them here. Some of it you can find in my world Bellevue on the City4all-Uniser, but now also in the even opened Bellevue on the AW-Server

I think it would be more interesting to show you in the following some virtual environments which I have made. My special interest and ability is the reproduction of historical styles and the reconstruction of ruins. But, as you can see from my airfield, I also make modern environments.

Mostly also for sale with

Middle Ages, Fantasy, Magic
Reconstruction of a Mycenicean throne room Avatar-Department, just opened

If you are interested in anything similar to these scenes, write me and describe your wishes. If you have completely different ideas, let's talk about them; I'll realize them for you. My mail address is We just have to agree on the prices.

But I have also a page with free objects for downloading:

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