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  Centaurboy, height 1,94 meter, length 1,70 meter, special sequence files Centaurgirl, height 1,84 meter, length 1,66 meter, special sequence files

Blacksmith, height 1,84 meter

  Elf boy, height 1,83 meter Elf girl, height 1,84 meter Minotauros, height 2,24 meter
  Joda, after Starwars IV and VI, height 1,51 meter Dwarf, height 1,16 meters, plus a special sequence file Dwarf Woman, height 1,15 meters, plus special sequences
  Hobbit, height 1,48 meter The Hobbit Frodo, height 1,39 meter Shooter (SCI-uniformed man after the old German SCI-series "Raumpatroille"), height 1,96 meter, special sequence file
  Borg Queen, height 1,84 meters

Borg, height 1,86 meters

Diver, height 1,84 meters
  Power-Droid (after Starwars IV), height 1,38 meter Bdroid (after Starwars I), height 1,82 meter DRN-Droid after the old SCI-film "Silent Running", height 1,04 meter.
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